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Time, Place, and Manner Policy

色片软件免费 recognizes the First Amendment right to free speech and peaceable assembly and supports the appropriate exercise of such rights on its campuses. At the same time, the University is committed to maintaining the safety and well-being of the campus community as well as all visitors. The University has established the parameters below to protect the exercise of free speech and assembly while also ensuring that any demonstrations do not infringe upon the rights of others, threaten the safety of persons or property, or disrupt the regular or essential operations and activities of the University.

Time, Place, and Manner Restrictions

The University may establish reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions for protesters for the purpose of avoiding disruption to, or substantial interference with, its regular and essential operations and activities. 

Pepperdine allows its students[1] and student groups to use certain designated University facilities and areas for free speech and assembly activities.[2] Such activities may be exercised only as permitted by authorized University personnel and only during regular business hours or attendant to University events. If any such activities violate the provisions of this policy, the University will take appropriate action to limit or terminate the activity. Any assemblies or events that do not conform to these provisions may result in, among other consequences, disciplinary actions against participants, up to and including suspension or expulsion.

The exercise of free expression and assembly must comply with all federal, state, and local laws. In addition, such activities must not:

  • Disrupt or obstruct educational or other regular or essential activities of the University.
  • Obstruct or restrict free movement of persons on any part of the University campus, including the free entry to or exit from University facilities;
  • Interfere with the standard operations or use of offices or other University spaces, or otherwise deny students, faculty, officers, staff, or guests of the University access to any such spaces;
  • Disrupt or interfere with the conducting of University business and/or events;
  • Threaten or endanger the safety of any person on any University campus or at any off-campus University event;
  • Result in damage to or destruction of property;
  • Harass or intimidate individuals passing by;
  • Violate any safety directive, including, but not limited, to code provisions, regulations, or instructions by campus security, local law enforcement, or fire department personnel;
  • Use or employ unauthorized sound amplification or create unreasonable noise disruptive of University activities, or make sustained or repeated noise in a manner that substantially interferes with a speaker鈥檚 ability to communicate their message or the rights of others to listen;
  • Involve any form of camping, lodging, or sustained presence in a particular location on University property, including overnighting in any University facility not intended for residential purposes; or
  • Violate the University鈥檚 Code of Conduct.

Since a clear differentiation between lawful speech or assembly and disruptive activities may often be difficult, the foregoing list is illustrative and not exhaustive. It should be understood that the application of this policy also takes situational factors into consideration.


Persons who are not Pepperdine students or otherwise affiliated with 色片软件免费 may not participate in expressive or assembly activities on campus, and, if they attempt to participate, they will be asked to leave campus. Should they refuse, the University will take appropriate action to remove the individual from campus and/or limit or terminate the activity.


[1] 鈥淪tudents鈥 shall have the same definition as that set out in Section VII of the University鈥檚 Student Code of Conduct.

[2] The use of Pepperdine space for the exercise of speech and assembly does not imply University endorsement or acceptance of the views expressed.